Residential and commercial roofers in Stonebridge, North-West London. Performing all kinds of roofing repairs in the NW10 area including fixing leaks, soffits and fascias – whatever it is get it fixed.

We operate in areas near Craven Park, Harrow Rd, Harlesden station and Stonebridge Park station. We cover residential and business premises around the borough of Brent so get in touch if you require any help from us.

If what you’re after is a roof replacement job then this is something that we can also perform for you. Take your choice of roofing (which we can advise you on) and then let our workers take care of installing it for you. You’ll be left with a new roof that provides terrific shelter for your home.

Be sure to maintain your new roof so that it stays in good condition and does not develop any defects which can be harmful. We can go up and do regular checks and maintenance for you so that all runs smoothly and efficiently. This will preserve the condition of your roof and it will have a much longer life than otherwise.