Walham Green

If your roof is leaking and you live in Walham Green in the borough of Hammermsith & Fulham then we can help you get it fixed. Our local team of roof specialists perform all sorts of repairs to make sure that your roofing is in a healthy state once more and not dripping water.

We are able to travel to local areas near Kings Rd, Imperial Rd, Eel Brook Common or anywhere in SW6 and nearby including Parson Green, Hurlingham, Putney, Sands End, Fulham, West Brompton and West Kensington.

If you have a new roof that requires maintenance then we can ensure that you don’t experience any serious problems and keep things ticking smoothly and working properly. Looking after your roof is a key point to protecting your property from the weather and elements.

Those that have had gales or wind damage their roofing may need a replacement roof. We have a replacement and installation service and will ensure everything is working perfectly and seamlessly with your new roof. Whether you want us to replace or repair speak to us on the phone about your needs.