Roofing services in Belmont and the borough of Harrow in London. If getting rid of your roof is on your mind as you’re after better protection or want to add value to your home, we can schedule a roof replacement for you. After discussing your options with you we will install it leaving you with a fantastic roof over your head.

We’re also in the area for roofing repairs at residential and commercial repairs. If you’ve noticed that you suddenly have a leak somewhere call us to go up and have a look. We fix many problems including issues with shingles and gutters.

You could also get us on board to do your maintenance for you. Schedule visits from our roofers to ensure that everything is as it should be and clean up any issues which may pop up.

If your home is near Belmont Circle, Stanmore Golf Club, Kenton Lane, Felbridge Ave or Weston Drive ask us to come and visit. We also visit properties in Stanmore, Wealdstone, Kenton and Canons Park as well as anywhere with an HA3 or HA7 postcode.