Northwood Hills

Looking to fix a leaking roof in Northwood Hills? Our residential roofers will come and see what the cause of the leak is and fix it for you. We perform all kinds of roof repair in Northwood and areas near the golf courses, Pinner Rd and Moor Park.

A full roof replacement service is also possible with our company. There are many choices you can make and we can direct you to the options that will work best for your budget and the finish you prefer.

We work in West London across the borough of Hillingdon doing all kinds of roofing work. Maintenance can also be done on your roof if you want to avoid the hassle and disruption that future problems can cause. Keep things in good condition and these problems won’t arise saving you money.

You may not even be aware of some problems such as leaks where you can’t see them, and maintenance will stop these problems that you mightn’t have seen until they’d become more serious. If your roof is in good condition then your home is safe from many of the conditions that can be caused by weather such as rain, hail, wind and also hot weather.