Roofers in Ham, Petersham and Richmond will do roof repairs to put away problems such as leaks. Fixing all sorts of problems that can be an inconvenience and that can be damaging for your home. Doing lead work, flat roof repairs and correcting problems with slates or tiles.

We also have an installation service if you’d like to get a roof replacement. See what your best options are for your budget which will be explained clearly by our specialists. Or if you just want to install a window for your roof, this can be installed too.

Our local team works in TW10 near Ham Common, Ham House, Riverside Drive, Dukes Avenue, Woodville Rd, Ham St and Sandy Lane. Call us out if you’re in the general areas of Richmond or Kingston upon Thames.

Ensure your property has sufficient protection from the weather and elements and sort out repairs expediently. By not delaying you protect your property from further damage which can occur as a result of defects in your roofing.