If you notice a leak in your roof or are having other problems in Petersham, call out our roofers to fix them for you. The team does all kinds of roof repairs so whether it’s a problem with the soffit or anything else we will remedy it for you.

For a roof in a badly damaged state you might be looking for a roof replacement. If this is the case we can perform the installation for you and even help you out when it comes to getting the best solution for your budget.

If you live in the vicinity of Petersham Rd, Petersham Common, Sandy Lane, Church Rd, Tudor Drive, Dukes Avenue, Riverside Drive or anywhere east of the River Thames or TW10 give us a call. We also visit homes in Ham, Richmond, Kingston and Twickenham too in addition to Richmond upon Thames as a whole.

Don’t delay when it comes to leaks as these can be very costly to fix if you allow further problems to develop. Fixing these immediately will prevent further problems which are more difficult to fix. Give us a call to have a look.